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About Us

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When Carol Watson opened Milk & Honey café she wanted to create a granola recipe that fit with her mantra: ‘made-from-scratch-not-mass-produced’. So using only fresh, all-natural ingredients she created Milk & Honey Granola.

A granola blend so good, so flavorful, and so craveable that customers started asking for it to go. 

Fourteen years later, thanks to our loyal fans, Milk & Honey Granola has grown to include five flavors, all with Non-GMO verified ingredients, that can be found on the shelves of grocery stores all across the country. 

But, while we have grown, we havent changed. In a world where mass-produced granolas dominate the market, we still hand-bake every batch to insure the crunchiness that makes us stand apart. We’re still 100% women owned. And we still pour our heart and soul into every bag. 

So do yourself a favor. Dig in and discover what real granola made with real ingredients tastes like.

Photography by Jeremy Hayes


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